The Stupidity of the Tea Parties

Atrios comments on the April 15 right-wing tax protests and makes some excellent points. The excerpt follows; check the entire piece

All fun aside, there’s obviously nothing wrong with the right attempting to engage in protest politics. The problem is that it was never clear what they were protesting. So far Obama has cut taxes for most of the population and… well, that’s it. The protests of “The Left” have long been mocked for lacking message discipline. That criticism has often been fair. The difference is that our side’s protests generally have a single point (“don’t do this stupid fucking war in Iraq”) which gets hijacked by a bunch of other causes when the speakers hit the stage. But the teabaggers… honestly, I still have no idea what it was about. I mean, I know it was about tribal allegiance against Barack Mumia Saddam Obama III. But it wasn’t actually about anything else.

via Daily Kos: Why yesterday’s protests were stupid


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