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Gay E-Marriage Annulled: Wedding Couple Disappointed and Fearful


dot429 EXCLUSIVE by Xiaolu Ning – Reprinted with permission

When Mark Reed and Dante Walkup celebrated their wedding in an e-marriage  ceremony on October 10, 2010, they thought they had uncovered a loophole in the laws that prohibit gay marriage. The ceremony, officiated by Washington, D.C. Reverend Sheila Alexander-Reid over Skype, took place in Texas and included over 80 guests.

Reed and Walkup had spent months researching the legality of an online marriage.  Last year, they discovered a D.C. law dictating that only the officiant—and not the wedding party—is required to be present in D.C. during the solemnization of the ceremony.  According to Reed, he and his partner filed for marriage and planned their wedding after they had verified this stipulation with D.C. court authorities.

The couple was shocked when they received a letter from a D.C. court last week informing them that while gay marriage is legal in D.C., their marriage was not because they had not been physically present in D.C. during the wedding.  “We were stunned because the court had annulled our marriage without contacting us or our officiant,” Reed says.  “There was a total lack of due process of law.”
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June 6: Gaza Solidarity Day & March on DC

My sources insist this event is pro-peace and anti-war and anti-occupation, not anti-Israel. If it were, trust this would not be published here. We are pro-peace, pro-Israel, and pro-Palestine.

From International A.N.S.W.E.R.:

Saturday, June 6 marks the 42nd anniversary of the Israeli seizure of Gaza. Organizations and individuals in solidarity with the people of Palestine will be taking to the streets once again to demand:  End the Siege of Gaza!

The world looked on in horror this past winter as Israel mercilessly starved and bombed the people of Gaza, killing around 1,200 Palestinians (at least a third of whom were children). The Arab world now refers to the dark days from the end of December to mid-January “The Gaza Massacre.” Although the mainstream media no longer focuses on Gaza, the suffering continues there nonetheless. Using the pretext of combating terrorism, Israel has refused to allow in even one truckload of cement into Gaza. In other words, the city that was reduced to rubble still lies in rubble today.All these months later, people are still living in tents and are scarcely able to secure the necessities of life.

People of conscience around the world continue to raise their voices in outrage at this crime against humanity, and in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Gaza. We will also stand for all Palestinian people’s inalienable right to return to their homes from which they were evicted. Let your voice be heard — join us Saturday, June 6, at 12 noon at Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC (14th St. and Pennsylvania NW).

Sponsoring organizations include ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism), Muslim American Society (MAS) Freedom, American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), National Council of Arab Americans (NCA) and more!

Contact us at (202) 544-3389 or dc@answercoalition.org to get involved!

End the Siege of Gaza! March on Washington, D.C., June 6
Solidarity Day on the 42nd Anniversary of Israel’s seizure of Gaza

Saturday, June 6
12:00 noon
Freedom Plaza
(14th & Pennsylvania Ave. NW)

New GDPR Video – Peace in Action

Decided that I dislike Animoto (which was used in yesterday’s vid); the clips turn out much better if I do all the work myself…

direct action photography: images from peace rallies: Washington, DC (2002) and Boston, MA (2005) photos by: natalie davis and marselle

DC “Farewell to the Thief” Concert

Farewell to the Thief by George Mann, Julius Margolin & FriendsWhatever happens in the presidential contest, we know some good news is coming… Bush is outta here! And that’s not all: Folk fans in the area surrounding Washington, DC, will get an opportunity to come together and celebrate with music and joy.


Labor and protest music is the specialty of folk performer George Mann, who performs solo and with 91-year-old folk dynamo Julius Margolin. George is also the producer of the acclaimed Hail to the Thief! anti-Bush administration CD series. The fourth and final release of that series is out (it’s awesome!), and it features 21 tracks by artists including Anne Feeney, Tom Paxton, the late Utah Phillips, Garnet Rogers, Magpie, emma’s revolution, Jim Page and many more.

You can hear selections from the album, as well as cuts from George’s incisive new solo release, Into the Fire, at the “Farewell to the Thief” release concert. Sharing the bill with George are his partner Julius, Anne Feeney, Anne Hills, Chris Chandler and the DC Labor Chorus. I am going to try to be here and recommend that if you can get to Washington, you should be too! Let’s give the White House Squatter a good old labor/folk-music sendoff and sincere wishes that he and his co-conspirators will be tried for their crimes against humanity ASAP.

Here’s the basic info:

The concert will take place at 8 PM on Friday, Oct. 10, at the Communications Workers of America Headquarters in its ground-floor Conference Center – 501 3rd St. NW. The suggested admission price is $12, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

And be sure to listen to GDPR, where we’re featuring both the compilation LP and the new George Mann solo CD regularly. To get your own copies, click here.