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New GDPR Production Premiering: Grateful Dread’s Potpourri

Every Thursday at 9am and Sunday at 11pm Eastern time, join us for GRATEFUL DREAD’S POTPOURRI, an hour-long foray into progressive news, activism info, and music that you won’t find in mainstream media. Our inaugural episode premieres tomorrow, April 7 at 9am during AM Chai… It includes an interview with Baltimore-based sound artist WOODY LISSAUER, whose newest LP, Adventures and Misadventures in Loveland is a treasure! Woody will perform April 8 at New York’s Cafe Vivaldi and April 9 at Cafe Cielo. Listen and hear what this gifted, innovative artist has to say through words and music.

Again, don’t miss GRATEFUL DREAD’S POTPOURRI each and every Thursday morning and Sunday night on Grateful Dread Public Radio, the progressive-peace radio voice of Summit, NJ. In fact, listen now!


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The staff of Grateful Dread Peace Media and Summit Peace wish you and yours the happiest of times. May your winter holiday celebrations be filled with light and love, with joy and peace. And may the new year bring us all good times with family and friends, prosperity and positivity, and opportunities to help make the world a better place.

Thanks for your support now and in the past. We hope we can count on it in the future. Trust, you can count on us.

In honor of the season, GDPR will air kynd holiday music beginning at 1pm Eastern on Christmas Eve and ending at midnight Christmas Day. Enjoy!

How Should Baltimore Schools Handle Violent Students?

 My latest Baltimore Progressive Community Examiner column is up. (Apologies for the time off — a massive injury has kept me largely bedridden for a week, but pain or no, I gotta get to work for sanity’s sake.) The subject is Baltimore City Public Schools’ rule that students who commit violent acts in school must be barred — permanently — from area public schools. They’ll be allowed no access to alternative schools, home instruction (unless their folks can homeschool, an unlikely proposition for most), or any city educational resources. In the short run, it looks like a great thing for schools: Overall suspension and expulsion rates are down. But what are the long-term prospects? What the heck are these kids to do? 

Do read the column and think about it. And be sure to listen to the Anthony McCarthy Show tonight at 6pm Eastern. I’ll be among the guests addressing this hot-button and very important topic. You can listen in Baltimore via 88.9 FM. You can listen from anywhere in the world via the WEAA Web site.