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New GDPR Production Premiering: Grateful Dread’s Potpourri

Every Thursday at 9am and Sunday at 11pm Eastern time, join us for GRATEFUL DREAD’S POTPOURRI, an hour-long foray into progressive news, activism info, and music that you won’t find in mainstream media. Our inaugural episode premieres tomorrow, April 7 at 9am during AM Chai… It includes an interview with Baltimore-based sound artist WOODY LISSAUER, whose newest LP, Adventures and Misadventures in Loveland is a treasure! Woody will perform April 8 at New York’s Cafe Vivaldi and April 9 at Cafe Cielo. Listen and hear what this gifted, innovative artist has to say through words and music.

Again, don’t miss GRATEFUL DREAD’S POTPOURRI each and every Thursday morning and Sunday night on Grateful Dread Public Radio, the progressive-peace radio voice of Summit, NJ. In fact, listen now!


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The staff of Grateful Dread Peace Media and Summit Peace wish you and yours the happiest of times. May your winter holiday celebrations be filled with light and love, with joy and peace. And may the new year bring us all good times with family and friends, prosperity and positivity, and opportunities to help make the world a better place.

Thanks for your support now and in the past. We hope we can count on it in the future. Trust, you can count on us.

In honor of the season, GDPR will air kynd holiday music beginning at 1pm Eastern on Christmas Eve and ending at midnight Christmas Day. Enjoy!

Blogathon #46 – Musical Interlude

In this installment of our Blogathon adventure, let’s listen to some peace-themed music. The playlist comes from the library of Grateful Dread Public Radio via blip.fm. Enjoy and find inspiration!

Please give your support to Soulforce by sponsoring this blog during Blogathon 2009 – three and a half hours to go! Can you believe we’ve been at this for nearly 24 hours already?

New GDPR Video – Peace in Action

Decided that I dislike Animoto (which was used in yesterday’s vid); the clips turn out much better if I do all the work myself…

direct action photography: images from peace rallies: Washington, DC (2002) and Boston, MA (2005) photos by: natalie davis and marselle

New Video – Peace in Our World

Finally made a video of my 2005 visit to Boston, which included appearing on panels at the Center for New Words’ Women in Media conference at MIT and a peace protect at Boston Common.  This very short piece, only 30 seconds long, offers a rapid recounting of the anti-Iraq invasion rally. The music and title  come from the Jenn Cleary Band‘s smokin’ blues piece, “Peace in Our World.” Check out her stuff.

Monday Music

Al Stewart – 2008 – Moses Lake, WA
“Like William McKinley”

“American Beauty” Project Blooms

Oh is this cool…

From Festival.ink.net:

In 1970, the Grateful Dead entered the studio to record two
landmark albums, Workingman’s Dead and American
. These albums have become legendary in the annals
of music history and mark a departure from the band’s jam
sound toward an exploration of folk and bluegrass traditions.
The band always considered them a single body of work, so
the best way to fully appreciate them is to listen to the music
on both albums together,  in this case presented by a group of musicians with a variety of ties to the band. …

The American Beauty Project is a band whose nucleus is  Ollabelle … who gathered around them other musicians influenced by the Dead: David Gans, Jim Lauderdale, Larry Campbell, Teresa Williams, and Catherine Russell.

Our release of The American Beauty Project was performed
and recorded in its entirety at the Fine Arts Center on the
campus of UMass, Amherst on November 16, 2007. …

It’s a keeper.

Please sample “Sugar Magnolia” by The American Beauty Project:


Click here to sample the entire 2-set release: