Femme Fun: Girlpower and GPS

Doing something a wee bit unusual today: The following has little to do with politics and activism… or does it?

I received an email today about a contest sponsored by a MarCom, a company looking to get women more involved in the super-hot phone application craze. It offers a smartphone app called waze, which provides free crowdsourced GPS navigation to users. This is totally cool:  Waze includes voice-guided turn-by-turn directions while offering fun and useful social elements. Users can send live road reports to other users, tweet from the road, share pictures of hazards to let people know why traffic is slow, chat with other drivers, check in to Foursquare, and more. What makes it even more interesting to me is MarCom’s story and how it seeks to do good while spreading the word about waze. My new gal pal Alli explains.

“We’re a technology start up that loves our users, but there’s a small problem – they’re almost all boys! We’re talking, like, 98%,” she says. “We’ve been asking ourselves about where all the waze girlpower is for a while now, and today we’ve finally decided to take action.”

The action: a cool contest just for the ladies (yeah, said in SJP’s voice).  If you’re a girl gadget geek who loves getting involved in trendsetting technology projects, then waze wants you. The goal is to entice women to become wazers and to start adding female voices and contributions to the driving communities in their areas. As an incentive to help attract more female attention to the waze app, MarCom will give a free iPad to a randomly selected wazerette on June 17!

To make yourself eligible to win the iPad:
1-      Be a woman. We don’t suggest you do this especially for the contest, if you’re not one already.
2-      Retweet this message on Twitter:  Ladies: Help bring girlpower to waze’s free social GPS app for your chance to win a shiny new iPad! Details here: bit.ly/cqg2Rn
3-      Download waze, if you haven’t already. Make sure to register your email address in the registration process, or in yours settings, so we’ll be able to contact you, should you be the lucky winner!
4-      Post one ‘chit chat’ on the waze map with the message “Girlpower!” Note that to send a ‘chit chat’, all you have to do is to click the ‘report’ button, click the purple and blue ‘chit chat’ icon, type your message, and then click send.

The contest starts June 7  and ends June 17. Learn more about waze at www.waze.com/guided_tour or check out the site at www.waze.com.


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