Help High School Students Become Radio Pros

The radio bug hit me during my last year of high school and led me to two great college broadcasting experiences, at the University of Maryland’s WMUC and at Towson University’s WTMD. I’ve worked in radio and media ever since — to this day, the debt I feel to those two institutions and to college radio in general is infinite. And I am proud to know that both schools are still hard at work creating the next generation of quality broadcasting professionals.

Right now, WTMD is going public with a cool new effort to give invaluable hands-on experiences to kids attending high school. Here is the info:

We all know that arts education in schools is under pressure–and that includes teaching kids about radio.
WTMD wants to help one high school buy the equipment they need to make sure their students can learn about how important radio and music are in people’s lives.

KLIK, a high school Internet radio station based in Ft. Collins, Colorado, teaches students from five schools in the community. This revolutionary project is looking to upgrade its equipment and the Pepsi Research Project is willing to fund it–as long as the public votes for it.

KLIK is ranked #28 among Refresh grant candidates; however, only the Top 10 will receive a $5,000 grant when the voting ends on May 31st.

It just takes a few clicks to help KLIK crack the Top 10. Thanks for helping out and maybe some day someone graduating from KLIK will be on the air at [a station near you]!

Isn’t that the coolest? You know what would be cooler? Give to the college radio station nearest you. These efforts — usually local in nature, listener-supported, and grassroots-progressive-public in format —  perform a valuable and necessary service for up and coming radio people. But college radio’s greatest beneficiaries are the communities they serve. All the stations are getting around to their big spring pledge drives — now is your chance! Do some good.


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