Blogathon #49 – In the Belly of the Beast

In 1998, I went undercover to study fundamentalist Christian ex-gay ministries from the inside. It was a frightening, yet eye-opening experience that taught me a lot about seeing opponents as human beings, which is a huge part of theSoulforce credo. They may be wrong, but those who oppose and abuse us are people too. We must remember that. My investigative report, “The Other Side of the Rainbow,” appeared in Baltimore City Paper in March, 1999, and has been reprinted numerous times on the Web and in print. (The linked version is on the old GayToday site.)

I share the link because the ex-gay movement is a huge matter of concern to Soulforce. (Read my piece and you’ll understand.) The organization, along with other pro-justice groups, will present the Anti-Heterosexism Conference in November to address the issues and expose the myths and dangers of “pray away the gay” efforts. More on the conference here. Want to do your part to help in Soulforce’s truth-telling mission? It’s Blogathon 2009 — pledge!


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