Blogathon #45 – Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse

We’ve all heard the horror stories: Gay kids forced into ex-gay camps by their antigay parents… bullied kids who lash out against others — but usually against themselves… innocent people harassed, hurt, or killed by those outraged by those deemed as “different”… and more. It breaks the heart.

A great deal of the sorrow comes from the fact that much of the aformentioned  acts of hate and misunderstanding are, as we noted last half hour, motivated by certain people’s interpretations of what the Bible says about homosexuality. We’ve heard Mel White’s take on it, but here is another.

We introduced Dr. Rembert S. Truluck earlier in the Blogathon. We lost him late last year, but he was well known throughout the LGBT people of faith world for his Web site and book, Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse.

1. Admit You Have Been Hurt By Religion

2. Turn to God (Or Your Personal Philosophy) As Your Guide to Recovery

3. Examine Your Faith

4. Face and Deal With Your Anger

5. Avoid Negative People And Churches6. Face The Scripture Used Against You

7. Find Positive Supportive Scripture

8. Read And Study The Gospels

9. Come Out And Accept Yourself

10. Develop Your Personal Support System

11. Learn To Share Your Faith With Others

12. Become A Freedom Missionary


You are a terrific, unique, special person just as you are. Anyone who says otherwise based on who you are rather than what you do cannot be speaking for God.

Soulforce teaches this to LGBT people and to those who oppose the inclusive gay community. Please support its necessary work — make a Blogathon 2009 pledge to help Soulforce.


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