Blogathon # 44 – Really, What Does God Say?

Soulforce co-founder Dr. Mel White puts the truth out in front. After all, LGBT people  in the United States are kept unequal under law on the basis of certain religious interpretations of Scripture. First, I do not care about interpretations of Scripture — I have one, you have one, Ralph Reed and Buju Banton have theirs, and we’re all entitled — but that does not mean we have the right to punish people under our religions’ laws via the secular government.

Still, really, what does the Bible say?

Numerous resources on combatting spirtual violence and homophobia are available at the SF site and one is Mel White’s pamphlet “What the Bible Says – And Doesn’t Say – About Homosexuality.” Eight major points are made:

  1. Most people have not carefully and prayerfully researched the Biblical texts used by some people to condemn God’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender children.
  2. Historically, people’s misinterpretation of the Bible has left a trail of suffering, bloodshed, and death.
  3. We should be open to new truth from Scripture. Even heroes of the Christian faith have changed their minds about the meaning of various Biblical texts.
  4. The Bible is a book about God. The Bible is not a book about human sexuality.
  5. We miss what these passages say about God when we spend so much time debating what they say about sex.
  6. The Biblical authors are silent about homosexual orientation as we know it today. They neither approve it nor condemn it.
  7. The prophets, Jesus, and the Biblical authors say nothing about homosexual orientation as we understand it today. But, they are clear about this one thing. As we search for truth, we are to “Love one another.”
  8. Whatever some people believe the Bible seems to say about homosexuality, they must not use that belief to deny homosexuals their basic civil rights. To discriminate against sexual or gender minorities is unjust and un-American.

It’s a must-read, and you can download the PDF e-book for free here. Grab a copy and support Soulforce in its mission to enlighten the world.

More on the subject in a half hour.


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