Blogathon #9 – Colourful Music

Time for a music break, gang. Don’t know about you, but I need it.

The segue here is an easy one: Soulforce is all about working for justice for LGBT people. It’s about changing society, being the change we seek. It’s about transformation… and learning to love ourselves. So many people and institutions, supposedly speaking for God, teach gay and lesbian people to hate themselves and show bi and trans people that they are somehow less good in the Creator’s eyes. They may not mean to do this, but that’s what they do. This so-called love leads to emotional turmoil, psychic pain, destructive behavior, suicide and more. Soulforce helps teach us all that we are special and loved just as we are, just as we were made. The perfect song that illuminates that concept is one by the great Cyndi Lauper…

Please give your support to Soulforce by sponsoring this blog. during Blogathon 2009 – I’ll be here ’til 6am.  All donations go directly to Soulforce.


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