Blogathon #7 – The Cost of Complacency

Soulforce’s work targets primarily Christian denominations with its message of inclusivity and equality. This is a huge issue within mainline denominations throughout the world, and we’ll talk about that more later. For this segment, though, I wanted to excerpt a news item regarding the latest on the tumultuous fight now dividing the global Anglican Communion. It appears the US Episcopal Church’s pending decisions to allow ordinations of practicing gays and lesbians and to bless same-gender unions and marriages could be the proverbial straw…

It is good news that those Anglican parishes that are strongly opposed to homosexuality are forming a new movement. The Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (FCA) was launched last year as a pressure group within the international Anglican communion, but only now is it trying to exert grassroots influence, raising awareness for its cause on the parish level. If it is successful, then it will be easy to identify the sexual politics of your local parish church. It will be impossible to deny that there is a church within the church, that division has become schism.

This is good news because honesty is better than dishonesty. The fact is that conservative evangelicals profess a different version of Christianity from other Anglicans. …  If opposition to homosexuality is a basic component of your idea of Christian truth, then you ought to be clear about this, and not cohabit with those who fudge the issue, or openly express disdain for your position.

Over the past 20 years or so we have seen huge amounts of dishonesty and evasion on this. The church’s leadership has been trying to build a home on the fence….  A pious sentiment, surely? Well, the piety is laced with self-serving evasion and hypocrisy. …

In the 1990s, liberal Anglicanism ought to have asserted itself, and called for reform on sexual teaching. … But [they] shrugged, and assumed that enlightenment would soon prevail. The evangelicals would soon get over their homophobia and reform would come.

Apparently that was not to be. Read the entire UTV Media commentary by Theo Hobson.
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