Blogathon #6 – Riding for Justice

Soulforce is a multigenerational effort, and young people are a big part of the mix. Young adults can focus their do-gooding efforts in what’s known as Soulforce Q , and a hugely popular long-term youth action for justice: Soulforce’s Equality Rides.

From the web site:

In 2006 the first-ever Equality Ride took place, a two-month bus trip across the country to 19 colleges that actively discriminate against openly LGBT students. Thirty-three young adults made this journey. It was Soulforce’s first foray into a future of creating opportunities for youth activism.

We feel that sustained, coordinated, nationwide activism is an essential component within the LGBT rights movement. Young adults are particularly qualified for that missing element of direct activism, where the goal is to change hearts and minds through personalizing efforts for equality.

Since then, Equality Rides have visited colleges throughout the US. We’ll talk more about them later, but for now, check out this video from 2008:  Equality Rider Jake Reitan and his parents (yay, Mom and Dad!) try to present a letter asking for justice in the spirit of peace to Dr. James Dobson, founder of anti-GLBT right-wing Christian media giant Focus on the Family.  Their reward? Watch.

These people have moxie and courage to burn. I’m telling you, it’s a privilege to know them.

We’re blogging in Blogathon 2009 ’til 6am tomorrow to benefit the good works of Soulforce. Help.  Sponsor us.  Help entertain us as we get tired. And follow us on Twitter – @allfactsandopin.


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