Blogathon #30 – When the Religious Right Does Wrong

Truth Wins Out has a couple of article by Mike Airhart exposing the lengths to which some of our opponents are willing to go in the interest of keeping LGBT people unequal not only in their churches, but under civil law.

First, and this may sound familiar to Californians,  antigay activists in Port Angeles, WA, were caught on tape tricking pro-LGBT voters into signing anti-LGBT petitions. An excerpt:

Chris Mason of Driving Equality recalls:

“I filmed the man collecting signatures for a bit, then I went over to talk with him. He was friendly and let me film him for a while.

We talked about his personal beliefs about same-sex marriage. He is in favor of equal marriage rights and would vote against the referendum if it gets on the ballot. … He approached a woman and asked her if she supports same-sex marriage. … He said to her: “Did you get a chance to sign our petition? We’re giving you an opportunity to decided whether or not you are in favor of giving homosexual couples legal marriage licenses. Not just the same rights as married people, but a marriage license too. Do you have an opinion on that? Yes? No? Or don’t care?”

The woman said yes, that she will sign, and he handed her the clipboard. It was obvious to me that she was signing what she thought was a petition in favor or giving same-sex couples marriage licenses. So I asked her if she supports same-sex marriage. She said that she did.”

A separate TWO piece reports that a right-wing Florida media and political organization — yes, it involves the notorious Focus on the Family — has a nefarious plot to generate revenue by getting the state to raise taxes for “save traditional marriages” efforts that will put tax dollars in FOTF’s anti-equality pockets.  Talk about nuking the separation between church and state. Check this:

First they banned marriage and adoption by gay couples; now Florida religious-rightists want to tax marriage for heterosexual couples and compel lower-income couples to attend counseling that presently is provided by religious non-profits.

The $100 tax would raise the cost of a Florida marriage license to almost $200. The objective, antigay activists say, is to strengthen marriage. Marriage, that is, for middle- and upper-income Christian Republicans.

Who’s responsible for this plan to save marriage from po’ folks, non-Christians, and liberals?

The Sun-Sentinel’s Broward Politics blog blames the Florida Family Policy Council — an affiliate of Focus on the Family — and the Roman Catholic hierarchy.

TWO is one of Soulforce’s partners in presenting November’s Anti-Heterosexism Conference — it is committed to sharing the truth about the dangers of religious ex-gay ministries, so-called reparative therapy, and efforts to “pray the gay away.” Equality is TWO’s goal too, just as it is for Soulforce:  Please support TWO’s work and — of course — give your support to Soulforce by sponsoring this blog during Blogathon 2009.

See you in a half hour.


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