Blogathon #26 – Virtual Good Works

Taking this break to pump up the Goldman Mill Virtual Peace Collective, another of our do-gooding efforts. The virtual progressive-peace community exists at MyMiniLife (similar to the Sims and Cyworld, etc.; we have no connection to it) as a commuity-building, activism-promoting, peace-serving tool. And it’s a fun creative outlet.

I bring it up here because – 1) it’s pretty as hell, and I built most of it, and 2) it actually has a virtual Soulforce chapter that goes into the outer world (being that this sort of discrimination is not permissible under law in The Mill, an independent township with no ties to any country) to stand nonviolently against those who would discriminate against God’s LGBT children. We are very proud of the affirming houses of worship in Goldman Mill, including St. Francis Interfaith, where the virtual Soulfource  chapter is housed. I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce them.

They virtually encourage you to do what I literally request:

Help Soulforce by sponsoring this blog. during Blogathon 2009!

To save bandwidth on the main page pull, see ’em after the jump.

Rev. Harrison Sims (New York, NY) and Rev. Patrick Connell, SJ (Baltimore, MD)

Rabbi Evan Cohen, Vancouver, BC

Nadim J., Cairo, Egypt

(We also have a Quaker Meeting House, which I’ll post later.) Feel like home? You can always join, if you’re a person committed to peace, equality, and justice for all. And heaven knows, the township is growing: We need a mosque, a pagan worship space, and whatever you can think of.

Please give your support to Soulforce by sponsoring this blog. during Blogathon 2009 – I’ll be here ’til 9am. All donations go directly to Soulforce.


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