Blogathon #21 – Why Soulforce?

Because for too many religious institutions, Jesus’ message of love is lost:

Just saw this entry from the Gay Civil Rights Movement:

Catholic Church Would Rather Spend Money to End Marriage Equality than Save Churches – (via

Is this sickness? Severe misguidance? Entrenched, unwitting hatred? The  church, in pursuit of its discriminatory agenda, is prepared to make like Michael Jackson on his face. Why? (Too soon? Sorry It’s the ugly truth, though, and what too many churches are doing to Jesus’ message of love thy neighbor is beyond ugly.)

With this sort of inanity abounding,  Soulforce ‘s Gandhi-inspired nonviolent direct action and public education services are necessary. The group speaks directly to the misinformation and masked hate spewed by supposed religious organizations and right-wing political organizations — but it does so with the truth and with compassion for the misguided. Love, honesty, humanity, dignity, morality, peace — that’s the spirit! Please help – sponsor us during Blogathon 2009 and benefit Soulforce. Please give your support by sponsoring this blog by 9am. All donations go directly to Soulforce.

Back in a half.


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