Blogathon #2 – Journey to Soulforce

One of Soulforce‘s priorities is nonviolence. The group works to achieve true justice and equality for GLBT people in the world’s churches. Mel White, the organization’s co-founder (with Mel’s partner, the incredible and incomparable Gary Nixon), often paraphrases Gandhi, noting that the goal is to transform society and to transform ourselves as well. If we want the world to be nonviolent, we must be nonviolent and understand the reasons why nonviolence is so important. This requires study.

Being peace means more than refusing to physically assault others:


Soulforce provides some terrific reading matter on the subjects of peace and nonviolence in its “Journey to Soulforce,” a series of valuable lessons — steps along the journey, one might say — that help Soulforcees to transform themselves into instruments of peace the Gandhi way.

Journey to Soulforce, Step One

Journey to Soulforce, Step Two

Journey to Soulforce, Step Three

Journey to Soulforce, Step Four

Take the time, please, to read the materials (these and other resources that appear on the site) — they will change your life if you let them. And do check the vows each Soulforce member takes — they are serious, and they are for life.

Please give your support to Soulforce by <B><a
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Please give your support to Soulforce by sponsoring this blog during Blogathon 2009. All donations go directly to Soulforce.

Back in 30.


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