Blogathon #12 – More on Mel White

Thank the fates for YouTube: It offers lots of avenues for hearing points of view that may not get the coverage they deserve. And it offers a good bit of commentary from Soulforce co-founder and author Mel White. Here is a sampling (we’ll probably see them all before the 24 hours is up):

In the following video from “exgaysurvivordan,” Mel is interviewed about his work for justice.

Here is Mel remembering his friend and opponenet Jerry Falwell on the day he died, from”Anderson Cooper 360″:

For grins, here is the promo for Mel and son Mike’s fun stint on CBS’ “The Amazing Race”

More Mel later, more Blogathon 2009 in a half hour. While we’re taking a breather, sponsor us and help Soulforce’s work for justice.

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