Blogathon #10 – Nonviolent Thoughts

Great thinkers have said much on the subject of the wrongness of violence. Here is a selection of their wisdom:

“The powerful bless the status quo and call it ‘peace.’ The powerless protest the status quo and are imprisoned for ‘disturbing the peace.'” – Jim Stoffels

“Once we see another group of people as –‘the other–’ and subhuman, not at all like ourselves, we reactivate humankind–’s long history of tribal, state, and religious war. . . . Those who die in any holocaust die because of an idea: the belief that certain people are different and not fully human and therefore it is all right to kill them.” – Michael Werner

“No, it is not easy to grasp that the only way to suffer less is to love more, especially in politics. At the risk of seeming weaker. Yes, at the risk of seeming weaker I shall not build an atomic bomb, I shall not give my enemy a whack in the eye to show that I am stronger, I shall not make war, I shall not squash my tomatoes and apples with a tractor to keep the price up, I shall not destroy forests to build factories, I shall not poison the sea. If love is the rule of my politics and the thrust of my action, yes, I really shall suffer less and I shall cause less suffering in others.” – Carlo Carretto

“Violence is the weapon of the weak.” – Rev. Ralph Abernathy

“Without question, the 20th-century has been a century of the greatest advancement man has known. The sad part is that we still are no further along than when we came out of the caves and bashed each other on the head to settle an argument. Whether it’s between two people on a Manhattan street or nations going to war, we still kill each other. How can we claim civilization has made any progress if, despite the greatest art and mechanical marvels, we can’t dispense with murder as a final argument? So I am disappointed that we haven’t done anything about that. My hope for the 21st century would be permanent peace.” – Walter Cronkite

“Love without courage and wisdom is sentimentality, as with the ordinary church member. Courage without love and wisdom is foolhardiness, as with the ordinary soldier. Wisdom without love and courage is cowardice, as with the ordinary intellectual. The one who has love, courage, and wisdom is one in a million, who moves the world, as with Jesus, Buddha, and Gandhi.” – Ammon Hennacy

“War is a coward’s escape from the problems of peace.” – Thomas Mann

“War, and the preparation for war, are the two greatest obstacles to human progress, fostering a vicious cycle of arms buildups, violence and poverty.” – Oscar Arias Sanchez, former president of Costa Rica, Nobel Peace Prize 1987

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