Michael Jackson: Remembering the Music and the Joy

I recall a chubby cheeked angel with a big heart and boundless talent. My first concert was seeing the Jackson 5 — my mom took us to the Baltimore Civic Center (long gone), and what a show… For months, I swore to anyone who would listen that Michael blew a kiss to me up in the nosebleed seats – I really thought he had. Michael was only three years older than I, and that made him perfect to be my future husband. Obviously, that didn’t happen — couldn’t happen. And when the bizarreness began… well, I wouldn’t have wanted it to happen.

Tonight, however, I choose to remember his amazing music and the seemingly limitless joy that cute, scarily talented firecracker gave us…  and to hope that Michael finds the peace in death that seemed to elude him in this world.

Prayers to his kids and his loved ones.

Off the Wall is on… must put some blood on the dancefloor in MJ’s honor.

Michael, mid 20s

As the pundits rehashed the scandals of his life and debated what had brought him to a sudden end, Michael Jackson’s fans, an army of admirers undivided by language, religion or national differences, reacted with tears – and joy at the music he left behind. A look back at the life of the King of Pop:

via Superstar: The Incredible Life of Michael Jackson 1958-2009 – Michael Jackson : People.com.


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