Love It!: Muppet for Marriage Equality

What is marriage? Adorable tyke Jesse has the answer to Grover’s question.  

See, right-wingers: No controversy, no confusion, no skies falling. Just love.  No one but someone filled with hate, a control-freak religionista, or a heterosupremacist could fault the little boy’s answer. If it helps, those happy to leave me without equality can insert the word “civil” in front of the word “marriage.” You see, that’s all we’re demanding (NOT asking): civil marriage equality. The churches will take care of themselves; mine already does the right thing.

That boy deserves a big hug. Obviously, he has great parents. Lucky kid. Lucky us!


One response to “Love It!: Muppet for Marriage Equality

  1. Lovely. And I respect GROVER much, MUCH more than most of the politicians and “activists” who are supposedly “fighting” for our civil equality.

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