GOP: Jeb Bush to the Rescue

After losing the White House and control of the House and Senate, the Republican party is now turning to Jeb Bush for help.

The former Florida governor took part Saturday in the first town hall meeting for the “National Council For A New America” in Arlington, Va. The goal of the event was to help chart out a new direction for the GOP.

Joining Bush was former Gov. Mitt Romney and U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor. The group discussed national security, health care and the economy. …

Bush … laid out the group’s goal — to take the GOP in a new more inclusive direction.

“It’s a chance to create a forum for people to truly listen and then create a consensus around 21st century ideas that truly matter for the American families, present them to the American people in elections and all sorts of other ways and lead,” he said.

via WPLG Miami:  GOP Turn To Jeb Bush For Help


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