Teen Girl’s Altruistic Idea Shakes Up Prom Traditions

Cool idea!

High school senior Francie Fisher is hoping to convince students around the country to start a new tradition at their senior prom. Instead of flower corsages, Fisher wants them to buy heart-shaped beads made out of glass by Ethiopian teens. Memories of their big night would not only last in the form of beautiful jewelry, but include the knowledge they helped provide food and education for needy children.

“How awesome,” she says, “You’re paying $25, which is probably cheaper than a flower anyway and you keep it. You don’t lose it by the end of the night or press it and keep it for what, 30 days. It’s more special.”

Fisher, who is a member of West End United Methodist Church in Nashville, Tenn., said she became convinced that this idea could become a new tradition after seeing Ethiopian girls making the jewelry while on a mission trip to Africa last year. The teenagers work as part of a ministry called “Project Mercy” in the Yetebon region of Ethiopia. “When I walked into the bead room for the first time, I just broke down and started crying; not out of sadness but out of so much joy,” Fisher said.

via United Methodist News Service:  Teen Methodist Ministry Visitor Promotes African Jewelry as Prom Wear


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