Condi Rice Admits to Being a Tool

The former secretary of state under Dubya Bush tries to defend herself in a debate about torture with college students. She loses, of course, but oh, what she reveals…

Amazing. She still has the audacity to trot out Bushspeak. I wonder if Condi Rice would call it “enhanced interrogation” if she were on the bad side of a waterboarding.

And haven’t Republican co-conspirators moved beyond the “I was merely following orders” defense? That is essentially what she said, though I suppose she should get credit for layering it with a heaping helping of 9-11. Well, that defense  didn’t work for Gordon Liddy and Chuck Colson back in the day. Apparently,  Stamford students didn’t buy it either.

Neither does Matt Duss of Think Progress’ The Wonk Room.

It’s hard not to read this as an admission by our former Secretary of State that terrorism works — or at least it worked on her, to the extent that it induced her to embrace interrogation methods that previous American administrations prosecuted as crimes. …

I would also remind Dr. Rice that it is a fact that quite a few more than 3,000 more Americans have died as a result of the Bush administration’s anti-terrorism policies, and a good portion of those as a direct result of the detention and interrogation methods that she continues to defend as necessary to protect Americans.


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