AFL-CIO’s May Day Call for Workers’ Rights

Today is May Day, first day of the month that brings us spring, the annivesary of historic labor activist Mother Jones, and a day for shouting out loud to defend the rights and ideals of the American worker. The following comes fromthe AFL-CIO blog:

Speaking today before a forum on quality green jobs at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Stewart Acuff, an assistant to AFL-CIO President John Sweeney, says that to successfully accomplish that goal, we must bury forever the falsehood that greed is good and every person is on his or her own. 

See, while they told us you are on your own, they did all they could to make it so.  While they ignored climate change and global warming and more and more kids with asthma and more and more cancer cases, they were busting our unions, outsourcing and contracting out and privatizing our work, Wal-Marting our economy, telling us we have to compete in a global economy that sends 13-year-old girls to factories and factory dorms and the whims of supervisors in the Caribbean Basin, that murders trade unionists in Colombia, that sends 9- and 10-year-olds to work in Vietnam and Pakistan and uses slave labor in China.

Instead, we need a series of actions to make the global economy work for every person, Acuff says, including:

  • Tapping renewable sources of energy. But to tap this energy requires skilled crafts people to build the windmills and turbines and build and install the turbines that can be turned by the tides of the sea.
  • Creating good green jobs that help save the environment and provide a decent living. Sustainable jobs that help preserve a sustainable environment.
  • Providing universal health care
  • Renewing the freedom to join unions by passing the Employee Free Choice Act.

You can read Stewart Acuff’s address in its entirety here.

Get up, stand up on May Day and every day to protect our nation’s working people!


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