Check Out Baltimore’s New Progressive Examiner

This, I think, is pretty cool: I have just begun my — what does one call it: term, sentence, reign? — as a progressive-issues columnist for the Baltimore Examiner Web site. As your Baltimore Progressive Examiner, I’ll write and report at least four times per week on doings, issues, and events important to the region’s progressive community. The column appears under the blanket heading of Neighborhoods & Culture — and that is intentional: I see the community of progressive citizens, activists, organizers and thinkers as an extended neighborhood, one bounded by hearts and minds rather than being defined so much by geography. My goal is to provide the view over the backyard fence for us forward thinkers while encouraging citizen action on the issues that matter to our “neighborhood of compassion.”

A few requests:

  • Number one,  I hope you will read the column regularly, spread the links around via Digg, Reddit, Facebook, MySpace, etc., and share your comments.
  • Let’s let the Examiner know that progressive readers are interested in our kind of news being offered and are willing to support it.
  • If events or action alerts pique your interest, attend or take action via our adjuncts: The Armchair Activist and the GDPR Action Center. Progressives are about working for positive change — that means we all have a responsibility to act and to lend our support to progressive-minded institutions.
  • Please, if you find the column valuable, informative, and/or entertaining, let people know about it. That’s the only way coverage of issues of the day from a progressive perspective can be disseminated via the Examiner.

And if you have event info to share or matters you would like to discuss or see covered, please, please, please let me know. I need to hear what you have to say — after all, this post is like a public trust to me. We’re a team, and working together, we can use this media platform for the benefit of us all.


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