Paterson Slows NY’s Marriage Equality Roll

New York Governor David Paterson would appear to be softening his insistence that state legislators put his marriage equality bill to a vote whether or not it is certain to pass, according to a report this morning on WNYC-FM . …

When Paterson announced that he would introduce marriage equality legislation last Thursday, he invoked civil rights momentum and reform of state government to argue that Democratic leaders should bring the marriage equality legislation for a vote regardless of the outcome. He mentioned that in his 21-year career as a senator, the vote outcome was uncertain for only three bills out of 36,980 introduced.

Senate Majority Leader Smith has said repeatedly that he would bring the marriage equality bill to the floor when it has the votes to pass. The legislation is expected to pass the assembly, as it did in 2007, but it needs bipartisan support in the senate, where Democrats hold a slim 32-30 majority.

via  The Advocate:    Paterson Softens Push for Marriage Equality Vote


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