Giuliani – New GOP Face of Hypocrisy?

Rudy the Heterosexist looks smashing in a dress.Wait — Rudy “I Love Wearing Women’s Dresses and Hanging Out with Gays” Giuliani is taking center stage as the GOP face against marriage equality in New York state?

For those who’ve forgotten, Rudy Giuliani has been married three times. The first was to his cousin. He left his second wife, Donna Hanover, by announcing it in a press release — before telling his spouse. After Hanover kicked him out their home for alleged serial adultery, Giuliani marched in a St. Patrick’s Day parade with his mistress.

There is arguably no prominent American worse suited to “declare war” on gay marriage than Rudy Giuliani. He has single handedly done more to undermine the institution of traditional marriage than any gay couple possibly could.

via The Washington Monthly

For the record: Amerikkka’s mayor loves gay people — he just supports Lavender Jim Crow (i.e. the separate and unequal civil union) and believes his queer pals should be OK with legal diminishment that keeps much-marrying Rudy and the conservative voters he’s courting for his gubernatorial bid on top of the legal heap.  Hey, Elton John’s resigned to second class status under law…   I guess Rudy is cool with his friends being stigmatized similarly. Whatever, so long as RG can marry as many women as he chooses and still keep getting elected, all’s good. Right?


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