NY: Watch Out for Bigoted Democrats in Marriage Equality Fight

A warning to good people in the Empire State from my colleague Pam Spaulding at Pam’s House Blend:

This is a perfect example of why the Democratic party needs to check itself — just because someone has a (D) behind their name does not mean they hold Dem principles, or even engage in rational thought — a lack of understanding of the separation of church and state should at least be a baseline for god’s sake.

I mean come on, State Senator Rubén Díaz Sr. has called for Governor David Paterson’s removal over the marriage equality issue.

“We will bring out thousands and thousands of Hispanic evangelical Christians in the city of New York to ask Governor Paterson to step aside.”

What kind of Democrat is this? And worse, no person of color has any business discriminating, yet the Democratic party lets people like Diaz get away with this bigotry. Why? They need his vote. (NYT):

Mr. Díaz, a conservative Democrat and a Pentecostal minister, is one of the staunchest opponents of same-sex marriages in New York. Democrats took control of the State Senate in November, but they hold a slim majority, 32 to 30, and their leaders are fearful of alienating Mr. Díaz and others by holding a vote on same-sex marriage.

The fear is something I’ve been talking about for ages here on the Blend. White pols are afraid to hold POC bigots accountable for fear of losing the socially conservative (read religion-based homobigot) votes of those who otherwise are staunchly loyal Dem votes. They don’t want the race card to be played (and those POC Dems know it), and thus the white pols — and advocacy leaders of quite pale organizations — feel rendered helpless — and feel its left to minority LGBTs to do the dirty work of calling these homophobes of color out.

The bottom line and the reality is that too many LGBTs of color who feel unwilling or unable to decloset to do so, and those who are aren’t in positions of power in the LGBT establishment and thus the continued illusion people see is gay=white. And so the Rubén Díazs of the world continue to rule the roost unchecked by Dem peers.

via Pam’s House Blend:  Dem NY State Senator Rubén Díaz organizing anti-marriage equality rally


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