Get Ready to Pay for Online News

Three media veterans plan to bundle the Internet content of newspaper and magazine publishers into a subscription package that will test Web surfers’ willingness to pay for material that has been given away for years.

The system won’t be ready until the fall, but the plans were announced late Tuesday because so many publishers already are clamoring to sign up, said Steven Brill, co-chief executive of the new venture, called Journalism Online.

“The interest in this came together a lot more quickly than we anticipated,” said Brill, the founder of Court TV and American Lawyer magazine. “We are dancing as fast as we can now.”

Brill declined to identify the publishers willing to participate because agreements haven’t yet been signed.

Journalism Online’s other principals are former Wall Street Journal publisher Gordon Crovitz and former cable television executive Leo Hindery.

The decision to place more toll booths in front of online news reflects the deepening financial problems threatening the survival of print publishers, particularly newspapers.

via Media Channel:  Get Ready to Pay for Online News


One response to “Get Ready to Pay for Online News

  1. some people will, and are, willing to pay…but are these publishers willing to have their content hidden behing a paywall where even search engines can’t see them? interesting – if they can get around that

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