Might NOM Ad Actors Sue the Anti-Gay Group?

One of my favorite YouTubers just forwarded me the message he got from YouTube explaining why his clip of Rachel Maddow discussing those NOM audition tapes was pulled for copyright violations. Here’s a bit of “assistant to the director” of NOM Joshua Baker’s complaint about the clip:

The copyrighted work at issue is an audition tape produced by the National Organization for Marriage for the NOM video “A Gathering Storm.” Some of the actors who appear on the audition video were not selected for the final video, and thus have not signed releases for the distribution of their likeness. The audition video is included as part of the MSNBC broadcast, and can be identified by the green background.

So is NOM saying that they are worried about being sued by their own actors because they didn’t sign a release? Really?

via Joe. My. God.: Is NOM Worried About Being Sued By Their Own Anti-Gay Actors?.


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