An Open Letter To National Organization For Marriage

Nicole Belle pens a spot-on open letter to the anti-equality gang (aka National Organization For Marriage) that’s now online at Crooks and Liars. Read the whole thing, but check out this taste:

I just have a few pointers to you if you want to be taken credibly, instead of laughed off the national stage, as Rachel Maddow has done so well above.

1) Admit this is a violation of your faith. Be honest. I have yet to meet one opponent of marriage equality that when you scratch the surface, doesn’t boil down to an issue of faith. In fact, your own website admits as such:

NOM seeks to (a) educate the public about the consequences of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, especially for children and people of faith, and (b) organize a political response to the Tim Gill coalition, supporting pro-marriage legislators and exposing key proponents of same-sex marriage.

Because here’s the thing: if it’s a matter of your faith, you lose. Your faith cannot dictate civil rights, any more than it could when the southern states invoked Scripture to justify slavery during the Civil War. So please, be honest and let’s just be done with this hate and bigotry.

2) If you’re going to put out an ad to frighten citizens about the ooga-booga scary notion that marriage equality will somehow bring down civilization as we know it, it might actually have more credibility if you could find an actual doctor to claim her job is somehow threatened, rather than using a really, really bad actor. Better hope they haven’t heard of Norway, Denmark or The Netherlands, where marriage equality has not resulted in dogs and cats living together nor mass hysteria.

And for crying out loud, don’t let your audition tapes get out. You may have pulled them for copyright infringement from YouTube, but we still know they’re out there and we know that it proves how fraudulent your fearmongering is when you have to resort to Z-list actors to “act” it out. Were Chuck Norris and Scott Eckern not available?

3) And really, this is just silly. If you’re going to launch a new campaign called “Two Million For Marriage” (2M4M) you might want to check who owns that domain first, you boneheads.


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