Obama Administration Pushes AIDS Awareness

In the hopes of plucking the HIV and AIDS crisis from the abyss of public apathy, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with the blessing of the White House, announced Tuesday a five-year nationwide public awareness campaign called “Act Against AIDS.”

Though President Obama has expressed his desire to loosen the negative grip that HIV/AIDS has on people’s perceptions, the real fuel for this campaign comes from the CDC, in the amount of roughly $45 million.

According to data released by the CDC, in the United States each year, approximately 56,000 people get infected with HIV and more than 14,000 die from AIDS.

The first phase of the program is called “9½ Minutes,” that’s the frequency with which someone in the United States becomes infected with HIV. To highlight this problem, the CDC has set up http://www.NineAndaHalfMinutes.org, which has both facts and figures on the HIV infection rate and the resources to address it.

via FOXNews.com:  Obama Administration Launches Nationwide AIDS Awareness Campaign


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