Happy Passover & Blessing of the Sun

Jewish worshippers wrapped in prayer shawls, participate in the special ‘Blessing of the Sun’ prayer at sunrise on the Eitam Hilltop near the West Bank Jewish settlement of Efrata Photo: AP

Tens of thousands of worshippers stood next to the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Hundreds headed to the ancient desert fortress of Masada, while others prayed on the roof of a Tel Aviv high-rise and congregated on roadsides.

“God created the world in seven days,” said Yona Vogel, one of the estimated 50,000 who attended the Western Wall prayers. “On the fourth day he put the sun into orbit and every 28 years it returns to the original place that it stood when God created the world.”

The blessing – called the Birkat Hachamah in Hebrew – was marked in many time zones, starting with members of the small Jewish community in New Zealand. In hundreds of places all over the world, observant Jews rose before dawn for outdoor prayers and dancing.

via Telegraph (UK):  Jews around the world celebrate The Blessing of the Sun 


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