Religious Rightists React to Marriage Wins

Always on the case, Mike Airhart at Truth Wins Out (for which I am a contributor) shares Religious Wrong reactions to the recent marriage equality victories in Iowa, Vermont, and Washington, DC.:

Focus on the Family continues to promote mob rule, demanding that federal and state constitutional guarantees of equal protection to all citizens be sacrificed to the whims of angry mobs who seek to impose their own religious beliefs by force upon people who hold other religious perspectives.

Focus on the Family Action Senior Vice President Tom Minnery falsely stated that marriage equality permits polygamy; falsely assumes that socially conservative Iowa citizens enjoy a right to deny constitutional equality to fellow citizens; and insinuates that children are better off in orphanages or on the streets since there are not enough married heterosexual couples available to adopt American children:

The Iowa Supreme Court opened the door to all kinds of ‘marriage’ by using logic so broad and defective that the decision could well include polygamy. This ruling tramples on the will of Iowa citizens who enacted a law defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman in 1998 to help ensure every Iowan child had a chance to be raised in a household by a married mom and a dad.

Bruce Hausknecht, judicial analyst at Focus on the Family Action, implied that Iowa justices are wrong to protect all Iowans equally under the law, and that it is the proper role of justices to impose fundamentalist Christian social values upon all, rather than allowing individuals and couples the constitutional right to choose their own social values (whether they be liberal or conservative)

via Truth Wins Out:  Marriage Scores Victories; Focus on the Family, Allies Advocate Mob Rule

The Focus guys say it quite plainly: They don’t want equality in the United States of America. All Iowans are not worthy of the same protection under law. Why? Because they say their god says so.

In a way, I feel sorry for Minnery and Hausknecht. After you’ve been top dog your whole life, it’s tough to settle for equality.


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