Iowa Becomes Beacon for Nearby States

Hey Iowa: Doing the right thing could boost your economy!

Nebraska couple Troy Fienhold-Haasis and Jason Fienhold-Haasis … married in Canada … knowing that their union would not enjoy legal recognition in the state the couple, originally from Iowa, now call home. …Troy Fienhold-Haasis [said], “With the ruling, it’s a huge reason to move across the river.”

Even if couples don’t relocate, many are likely to head to Iowa for a marriage ceremony, even if they can’t bring that legal status across state lines. They are driven by the same need for family, and the celebration and recognition of that family they have long been denied, that took couples far afield to Vermont and Canada; now, with Iowa granting same-sex couples marriage equality, they won’t have so far to go. Indeed, there are already predictions that Iowa will enjoy something of an economic upturn as couples flock there to wed.

via EDGE Boston:  Gay Families in America’s Heartland Buoyed by Iowa Decision


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