This Week In Peace History

by Carl Bunin

This week at a glance


April 6

•Slave rebellion in the North

•Just as brave but not as well known

•Cities explode over King’s death

•Out-of-control police

•Harmless entertainment seen as sinister

•Iraqi sanctions defied


April 7

•Anti-nuke Australians

•Genocide again


April 8

•Steel plants nationalized, briefly

•Women in Black


April 9

•Lynching on the president’s desk

•Journey of Reconciliation

•Native Canadians petition their government

•Lessons of Vietnam

•Jubilee 2000


April 10

•The first ghetto

•Rankin still standing and marching for peace

•Oscar for Chaplin

•U.N. treaty on inhumane weapons

•West turns its back on genocide

•Good Friday Agreement


April 11

•Home rule for India

•Architect of Holocaust on trial

•Housing discrimination outlawed


April 12

•Anti-war students in the ‘30s

•Arrests in Birmingham

•French start fighting nuclear power


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