Push On for Marriage Equality in New England – NYTimes.com

Prof. David H. Watters, director of the Center for New England Culture at the University of New Hampshire, said there [are] deep-rooted cultural reasons for the momentum here.

Same-sex couples have found acceptance in New England for over a century, he said, especially among its large intellectual class. In the late 1800s, marriage-like relationships between upper-class women in and around Boston were so common that a phrase — “Boston marriage” — emerged to describe them.

The region’s strong libertarian bent also helps explain why same-sex marriage has found support here, Professor Watters said. “The New England states really emphasize individual liberties,” he said, pointing out that the abolition and women’s suffrage movements also started here. “There’s a strong regional tradition that if somebody has rights, everybody ought to have them.”

via NYTA Push Is On for Same-Sex Marriage Rights Across New England

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