DA blames Prop 8 for anti-gay violence

Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Jay Boyarsky, assigned to monitor hate crimes in the South Bay, told the Bay Area Reporter the likely reason for the spike in anti-gay violence is Prop 8. …

“Hate crimes track headlines,” Boyarsky said, and the LGBT community’s increased visibility from the marriage debate stirred emotions about gays and lesbians that led to anti-gay attacks.   …

“When it comes to the attacks against the LGBT community last year it seems that the number of anti-gay incidents are based on the increased visibility of the community because of Prop 8. More visibility and more controversy leads to an increase in hate crimes,” Boyarsky said, though he cautioned against reading too much into such a small statistical sample. “We saw an increase from seven of 20 to 14 of 25. These are statistics and you can spin them different ways. I think the fairest way to say it is the local government offices in Santa Clara County are seeing a spike, seeing an increase, in the number of hate crimes against the LGBT community.”

via The Bay Area Reporter Online: DA blames Prop 8 for anti-gay violence


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