Is Dish Network Homophobic?

David Alex Nahmod at Truth Wins Out poses an excellent question regarding embattled satellite television company Dish Network. If the company is not anti-GLBT, as it claims, why does its roster of shows consist of no gay-themed programming?

Many Dish Network subscribers have wondered why the satellite service pulled the plug on HERE! TV, which it once offered, and why LOGO has never been offered at all.

Our friends at Queers United raised that very question in this blog post. Within that post is a link to another Queers United post in which it’s revealed that Dish Network’s board voted down a company anti-discrimination policy by a shocking 90% margin!

Dish Network CEO Charlie Ergin says the anti-discrimination policy is not necessary, since LGBTs are not being harassed at the company. Ergin further points out that the Colorado-based Dish Network follows the laws of its home state, which already bars anti-LGBT discrimination.

Queers United feels that the company should have voted Yes on the bill as a show of good faith.

And everyone wants to know why Dish Network, which offers more than a dozen Christian channels, offers neither of the gay networks.

So is Dish Network anti-gay?

Caveat emptor.


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