Equality Nonprofit Shuts Its Doors

The ostensible goal of any civil rights or human services organization is to become obsolete. That’s why the following is great news: Now that marriage equality has been secured in Connecticut, the decade-old civil rights group Love Makes a Family says it will end operations by December 2009. 

From the Hartford Courant blog Fear, Itself:

“I would not be leaving — nor would Love Makes a Family be concluding its work — if we did not feel confident that marriage equality was secure in Connecticut for all time,” said [executive director Anne] Stanback. “This issue is settled, and the reason can be explained by my favorite sign at the marriage victory rally on Oct. 10th that said, ‘PROUD OF MY STATE.’ Because that is the feeling. People are proud that Connecticut now legally recognizes the value of all families.”

Acknowledging that the struggle for federal equality continues, LMAF tells Fear, Itself that its political action committee will stay in business, focusing on electing lawmakers who back full equality for GLBT Americans.

AF&O sends thanks and best wishes to all in LMAF who toiled with such dedication over the past 10 years. You guys are heroes, and this move further proves it.


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