“American Beauty” Project Blooms

Oh is this cool…

From Festival.ink.net:

In 1970, the Grateful Dead entered the studio to record two
landmark albums, Workingman’s Dead and American
. These albums have become legendary in the annals
of music history and mark a departure from the band’s jam
sound toward an exploration of folk and bluegrass traditions.
The band always considered them a single body of work, so
the best way to fully appreciate them is to listen to the music
on both albums together,  in this case presented by a group of musicians with a variety of ties to the band. …

The American Beauty Project is a band whose nucleus is  Ollabelle … who gathered around them other musicians influenced by the Dead: David Gans, Jim Lauderdale, Larry Campbell, Teresa Williams, and Catherine Russell.

Our release of The American Beauty Project was performed
and recorded in its entirety at the Fine Arts Center on the
campus of UMass, Amherst on November 16, 2007. …

It’s a keeper.

Please sample “Sugar Magnolia” by The American Beauty Project:


Click here to sample the entire 2-set release:



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