Equality Is a Life & Death Issue

Many people wonder about my insistence that equality in society and under law trumps any issue. Some scoff when we activists recount stories of men, women, children, and families of all types that suffer each day because of the burden of institutionalized inequality. For whatever reason, the naysayers cannot or will not see or accept as true the overwhelmingly deteriorating effect second-class citizen status can have.

Perhaps this interview from today’s Democracy Now, which frames the issue through a prism of health v. health care, may give those who don’t see the big deal a reason to look into the matter further.

From Amy Goodman’s intro:

As lawmakers continue to debate health care proposals, we take a look at how the economic crisis can impact the health of people in this country. We speak with Dr. Stephen Bezruchka who teaches at the University of Washington’s School of Public Health. He’s written extensively on the impact of societal and economic inequalities on the health of a population and argues that combating inequality might be the best way to ensure improved health.

I’ll say it again: Inequality kills.


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