Prop 8: Even Fred Phelps’ Kid Sees the Inevitable

Shirley Phelps-Roper — daughter of Westboro Baptist Church pastor Fred, picketer of funerals, and hater of “fags” — surprised me with this recent statement, found on the Good As You blog:

Mormons are a false religious system and they will NEVER get anything right. It is hard for me to fathom what twisted logic went into their efforts on this Prop 8. Time and space would fail me to speak of the outrage I feel when I contemplate what those dirty old bastards that run that Mormon thing and that follow after a pervert like Joseph Smith. A MAN!! He was a nasty little pedophile pervert with a fairy tale that he cooked up to get the perverts of his day to go along while he blasphemed the Living God that created him and said – ONE MAN, ONE WOMAN, ONE LIFETIME!! That God who said DON’T ADD ONE WORD and DON’T TAKE AWAY ONE WORD from the things that are written in this book! YIKES!! Dummies must have missed that part. 

So take all those groups and see the mass of confusion that rules the day among them, and understand clearly what God did here. First, he caused those lazy, hating brutes to have to rise out of their slumber and spend a HUGE amount of time and money to do a thing NOT for the right reason, which would be – BECAUSE ONE MAN, ONE WOMAN, ONE LIFETIME is the standard of the Living God. NO – NOT for that reason. But because in their arrogant rebellion, those creeps decided that they would set the standards of what is righteous. 

NOW – because of their rebellion, God is going to cause their efforts to be in vain. He will frustrate them. They were asleep at the wheel while this nation turned the keys to the kingdom over to the fags. THEY ARE BOUND!! Prop 8 is TOO LITTLE TOO LATE AND FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONS!! So as a special treat, God has given them judges that will take their efforts, turn back all that effort and they will put that election result away with the stroke of a pen. You just watch and see if they don’t.

This is probably the only time I’ll ever have an opportunity to say this, but from Shirley Phelps’ mouth to God’s ear… well, except for the nasty anti-gay nonsense and the Mormon cult stuff and the insults.


One response to “Prop 8: Even Fred Phelps’ Kid Sees the Inevitable

  1. aberrantclone

    No surprise to me. I’m sure Phelp’s creepy God Squad hates Mormons just as much as much as they hate gay and lesbian folk. That sick bunch of freaks hates everybody who isn’t hunkered down for the Apocalypse and thrashing around on the floor speaking in tongues.

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