Prop 8: Join the Impact Continues the Equality Revolution

Join the Impact, the grassroots collective that mobilized the nationwide Nov. 15 anti-Proposition 8 rallies, is issuing other pro-equality and pro-service calls to action:

Light Up the Night for Equality

On Dec. 20, JTI spearheads a nationwide demonstration it hopes will make an impact on the private sector. Peaceful candlelight vigils will be held at commercial centers in cities across the country in remembrance of the rights that once were for 18,000 marriages, and in honor of the rights that one day will be again – for EVERYONE. Find out what’s happening in your city. If nothing is planned yet for your area, ORGANIZE A LOCAL LIGHT UP THE NIGHT EVENT. JTI is totally grassroots-run and -organized… THAT MEANS YOU.

National Food Drive for Equality

JoinTheImpact is launching the first national LGBTQ Food Drive for Equality. Through this event, people like you and me will work to reach out not only to those who have worked alongside us to fight for equality, but to organizations and individuals that fear us and oppose our cause by donating to faith-based and low-income area food pantries. Visit the JTI site to learn more or to step up to organize a food drive.

Join the Impact T-Shirts

As a sign of solidarity and to inspire conversation, JointheImpact is asking that on 12/20, everyone wears a t-shirt with the same message: “Second Class Citizen.” Get creative and make your own shirt, or purchase one in the JointheImpact store — use coupon code WEARJOINTHEIMPACT to save 20% before 12/12. Shirts for allies and relatives are also available.

Project Postcard Extended

Make an impact on the next presidency! Send Barack Obama a postcard from your town asking him to follow through on his promises to work toward equal rights…then add a pic of yourself and your card to JTI’s photo gallery.

And don’t forget Day Without a Gay: Call in gay on Dec. 10 and use the day to volunteer in some way to serve the community at large and promote equality for all.

It’s easy to gripe, but we need everyone to do something if we are going to win equality. So go on, get busy!!!


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