PFAW Makes Move for Marriage Equality

The fight continues as millions of people across the nation stand against California’s bigoted Proposition 8 and demand marriage equality. As the weeks pass since the tragic Nov. 4 election took place, lots of us are realizing that we must target not only Prop 8, but also the federal Defense of Marriage Act — a law approved by a supposed Democrat ally:  then-President Bill Clinton. Remember, when GLBT Californians had civil-marriage rights within their state, they still were “single” in the eyes of the federal government. The same holds for legally married same-gender couples in Connecticut and Massachusetts. We must win the Prop 8 battle and I pray it happens soon. But ultimately, the vile DoMA is the dragon that needs slaying.

Progressive activist group People for the American Way sees this truth and is taking action. The organizationhas unveiled a brand new campaign: PFAW calls the site a comprehensive effort to get repeal legislation passed through Congress and made into law.

From an organizational statement:

This is a long-tem strategy that we know will be an uphill battle — but, we must start now. Anti-equality groups are already pushing to keep DOMA in place, and we anticipate challenges with some red-state Democrats and the need to “flip” some representatives and senators who voted to pass DOMA in 1996. But we’ve seen just what effective national organizing can do in this last election cycle, and we’re hopeful that this major step for LGBT equality can be part of the big change for our country in the next few years.

PFAW’s DumpDOMA site presents a petition calling on Congress to get anti-DoMA legislation going. Once signed, the document will go to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi when the new session of Congress convenes. Speed is key — building bipartisan support for a sure-to-be-controversial effort needs every minute we can get so we can get the change we need. Time’s a-wastin’: Go sign it now.


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