URGENT: Help a Kid Fight Cancer

This comes from blogger Dixie Yid, who recently shared the story of Georgia’s Landon family, which is headed by Rabbi and Mrs. Landon. One of their children, adorable “Menschie” (pictured below) is fighting cancer and desperately needs your help, if you can afford to donate. 

From Dixie’s post Life Saving Help Needed for Our Friend’s Child!

Our friends the Landons’ child [has] Neuroblastoma [and] must undergo Antibody treatments at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. The treatments must begin immediately and they need a $125,000 deposit in order for the treatment to start. Please Please Please donate to their fund at Chai Lifeline. [More info on the Landons and Menschie’s health can be found at the family’s blog.]


The Landons do much to help the community at large. Let’s help them fight a most horrible foe and get that sweet-faced child back to good health. Be a mensch for Menschie! To donate, please call Chai Lifeline at (877) CHAI LIFE and earmark your donation to the Landon Family Fund or, via mail, send checks payable to: “The Special Fund” to: Marilyn Bensinger, Chai Lifeline Southeast Division, 1140 Northeast 163rd ST #8, North Miami Beach, FL 33162. Dixie says it is extremly important to write LANDON FAMILY FUND  in the memo portion of the check.


2 responses to “URGENT: Help a Kid Fight Cancer

  1. Ms. Davis, although we have not spoken before, I very much appreciate your post on this. Much success and all the best to you! Thank you for the help!

    -Dixie Yid

  2. Mr. Yid, cancer has been a major player in my life over the past couple of years, so when I read your posts about the family, the urge to do something could not be denied. What a good friend you are! Menschie is a beautiful child and I hope he lives a long, happy and healthy life. L’chaim!

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