GOP’s Corrupt Stevens Projected to Lose AK Senate Seat

This shows why every vote — traditional, early, absentee, or provisional — must count: Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska, recently convicted of corruption charges, appears headed for defeat in the Nov. 4 election. The race, too close to call on Election Day, required the counting of the non-traditional ballots. (Minnesotans and Georgians hoping to see the defeat of incumbent Republicans are still waiting for recounts to settle those races, but even if the Democrat challengers lose, as long as every vote is counted fairly and accurately, we must consider it a victory for the electoral process.)

From AFP:

The Alaskan veteran’s rival, Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich, claimed victory after vote tallies showed him leading by 3,724 votes — 150,728 to 147,0004 — with only about 2,500 overseas ballots left to be counted.

If confirmed, the result would leave Democrats with 58 seats, just two short of the number needed to make them immune to Republican attempts to block legislation with filibusters, a tactic involving long speeches to use up time.

Two more Senate races, in Minnesota and Georgia, are still to be decided.

Even Republicans are heaving a sigh of relief, says FOX News.

It’s a blessing to the Republicans not to have to defend this guy or have him in their caucus anymore.

… This whole sorry saga is a testament to Senator Stevens’ selfishness. He could have retired at age 85 once he was indicted and given a chance for a Republican who was not accused of bribery to win the seat. Instead he was full of his own self importance and convinced not only that he would be acquitted, but that Alaska should be represented by a guy who would be 91 by the end of his term. 

… He thought he was so powerful and important that he was immune from having to obey silly little rules like not accepting $250,000 in gifts from oil company interest and then not reporting the gifts. Such hubris! And we know what happens to men with hubris. Senator Stevens deserves all the obloquy and punishment coming to him.

An actually fair and balanced comment from FOX? The change in the wind must be blowing through red areas too. But not in “Uncle Ted’s” home, apparently: Pork potentate Stevens reportedly has yet to concede, despite his mathematical inability to win. Perhaps Seth Meyers should explain things for him.


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