Prop 8: Sometimes the “Popular” Will Is Morally Wrong

The persecuted are now the persecutors.

Mormons, Latinos and African-Americans played a decisive role in the passage of Proposition 8 to ban gay marriage in California. These three groups have long been mocked or discriminated against. Yet they supported a constitutional amendment to impose legal restrictions on a minority group whose behavior has no direct impact on them.

… Because citizens democratically voted to approve a constitutional amendment doesn’t make it just. It is breathtaking that citizens of Thomas Paine’s republic actually believe that the “will of the people” makes something right. Think again. Oh, please, think again!

Adolf Hitler received more than 43 percent of the popular vote that led to his parliamentary election as chancellor of Germany in 1933. Two years later the Nuremberg Laws on Citizenship and Race were passed that denied Jews citizenship, property rights and dignity as children of the Creator. Not long thereafter they were sent to death camps to be “legally” exterminated.

… Every [religious] denomination is responsible for its own spiritual definition of marriage. If there is to be a marriage in the eyes of God then it must be celebrated by a priest, rabbi, pastor or minister.

One of the limited roles of government in Thomas Paine’s republic is to guarantee equal rights for all its citizens. 

… Supporters of Proposition 8 should remember that Pilate wanted to spare the life of Jesus. The crowd, however, repeatedly shouted “Let Him be crucified!” Pilate responded, “I am innocent of the blood of this just person. You see to it.”

A member of the crowd shouted back, “we have a law and according to our law He ought to die.” Passage of Proposition 8 is the people’s will, but it is hardly just.

via Salt Lake Tribune: Will of the majority doesn’t make Proposition 8 just


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