Prop 8: Another Way to Take Action for Equality

That’s right — if we aren’t worth equality, we won’t be missed in the workplaces, restaurants, shops, malls, etc, right? The idea behind this new action from the Join the Impact folks is to take off from work and to skip contributing to the economy for the entire day — no shopping or buying anything on Dec. 10! Instead, use the day to volunteer wherever you like so that your time is put to productive use. I recommend doing good works to benefit the GLBT community specifically, but that’s just me. You do what you want — just take a break from the het world for a day and do some good in the name of equality for all.


One response to “Prop 8: Another Way to Take Action for Equality

  1. Nice idea, sure we can and SHOULD do it. But can’t we just get this EQUALITY MESS over with sooner than later? People are suffering.

    The National Equality Tax Protest – Wednesday, April 15th, 2009.

    Finally, individuals are gathering to TAKE A STAND against persecution from the Mormons & the Christian “Right”. No vote will be needed on this one.

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