This Week in Peace History 11/17-11/23


by Carl Bunin

This Week in Peace History is designed to help us appreciate the fact that we are part of a rich history advocating peace and social justice. While the entries often focus on large and dramatic events (click the dates for details), there are so many smaller things done every day to promote peace and justice. Here’s to the real peace advocates: YOU!

Nov. 17

•Printer imprisoned
•Crook? Me?
•Women’s Pentargon Action

Nov. 18

•Suffragists’ surge on Commons
•Hoover v. King
•All S. Africa adopts constitution
•Londoners: Don’t bomb Afghanistan

Nov. 19

•Gettysburg Address
•Randomness passes for fairness
•Sadat arrives in Israel

Nov. 20

•”Scab” enters lexicon
•Nuremberg trials begin
•Sadat speaks to Israel
•Sane/Freeze merge
•NAFTA approved 

Nov. 21

•UAW strikes GM over fair share
•The 18.5-minute gap
•Congress frees up information
•Church committee reveals secrets
•Document-shredding in White House

Nov 22

•Uprising of the 20,000
•TV taboo broken
•Beginning of aboriginal internationalism
•Thousands peacefully arrested protesting SOA

Nov. 23

•1st striking workers
•Thibodeaux Massacre
•Separate but equal in doubt
•Reagan supports contras

The Peace symbol turns 50 this year!

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